We let you talk

What do our clients say about English in Form? The feedback we get helps us to grow. After all, nothing is so good that it can’t be improved.

“It’s easy to translate words, but it’s far more difficult to translate messages so that they are understood by people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. English in Form does that, and the results are correct and precise.”
Regina Hanke, owner, Lindgrün GmbH and head of communications for World Sepsis Day

“The English in Form trainers are exceedingly competent, reliable and helpful people. Whether it’s language training, coaching, translation expertise or cultural consulting, at Germany’s leading agency for corporate identity and brand strategy, our communication requires an exceptionally high level of precision and understanding. English in Form delivers that on an extraordinary level.”
Cornelia Bruning, human relations officer, MetaDesign 

“I searched long and hard to find training like this. Both the content and the form of the lessons were tailored precisely to my needs. The trainers deliver highly professional work in a relaxed, conversational setting. English in Form is an excellent investment!”
Jörg Waldeck, head of group external relations, Volkswagen 

“English in Form packs a punch – precise, refreshingly non-PC, and with enough humor to brighten up even the dreariest day. The content is lively and up to the minute, and the English in Form trainers are always open for a good discussion. Their training is sure to be a benefit to anyone.”
Daphne Gütig, MD, drug safety officer